University Announces Clean Energy Supercluster

March 20, 2008 - Unveiled at the state Capitol with the help of Gov. Bill Ritter and U.S. Sens. Wayne Allard and Ken Salazar, the Clean Energy Supercluster and Cenergy will greatly enhance the ability of university scientists and business partners to speed clean and renewable energy research to the marketplace.

A New Model to Move Research to Market

Primary components of the Superclusters
  • Academic Infrastructure: A multidisciplinary alliance of researchers, economists, and business experts working on innovative research and discovery
  • Enterprise Infrastructure: Promotes business alliances, new commercial applications, and opportunities for additional investment in the research and research products.
Key elements of the Superclusters
  • Address a great global challenge - from infectious disease to cancer, energy solutions, and the environment
  • Address challenges that are complex and demand multidisciplinary approaches
  • Built on a foundation of scholarly excellence in core disciplines
  • Focused on academic research areas that are of interest and importance to government, not-for-profit entities, and corporate and philanthropic partners locally, regionally, nationally, and across the world